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PPS – Our pedigree

PPS was formed in May 1998 to act as specialist business consultants and independent financial planners to the veterinary profession. Dr. Paul Jackson joined PPS in December 1999 and became a partner in June 2002, growing the business into a national practice over the following few years. PPS joined Radiant Financial Group in 2020.

We know how the veterinary profession works, we understand the complex financial planning needs of veterinary personnel, and can assist in all financial matters, particularly in ever challenging market conditions that exist today.

We will work with your other professional advisers in the accounting, legal and banking arenas to ensure that you receive holistic financial advice that is pertinent to you at all stages of your career and life progression.

We advise on all aspects of financial planning whether that is protection, both personal and business, retirement and investment planning, inheritance and generational planning, notwithstanding mortgages and unsecured loans and of course, tax planning.

PPS as part of Radiant Financial Group

Radiant Financial Group is a national firm of financial planners, employee benefit consultants, investment platform and investment solution providers.

We have developed into a national business by combining exceptional local and regional businesses into one organisation. Our clients feel the benefits of our scale, scope, governance and resource, whilst keeping local access to exceptional financial planners and their teams. Our PPS team sits as a national veterinary specialisation in the heart of our Group.

Our values were created by our staff and remain reflective of how we want to conduct ourselves across everything we do, both now and into the future.



Show enthusiasm.

Enjoy what we do and be creative. Be inspiring in our work with clients, partners and colleagues.



Lead, don’t follow

Forward thinking, always looking to improve on what we do for the benefit of the clients.



Do the right thing.

Be thoughtful, open, honest and respectful at all times, in everything we do – from clients, to partners and colleagues.

in touch

In touch

Be there.

There for our clients, and collaborative with our professional partners. Always with our ‘finger on the pulse’, knowing our industries inside out.

ESG naturally sits as part of our business DNA. We are mindful of our impact on people, their environment, culture, personal preferences and manage all of this with a strong focus on the governance of our business. At Radiant we have over the last four years used this period of change as a catalyst to rethink everything: how we did our jobs, how we run the group from the social aspects and the environmental impacts the changes we were making had. In adopting the hybrid working, changes in meeting formats and office space we have seen a huge reduction in our carbon emissions, which is something we are proud to have achieved and a major success for the group.

As we grow it is fundamental to our success to not only have an operating and measurable ESG policy across the group but also a meaningful policy, which every staff member embraces. Our aim is to ensure we operate in an ethical manner, reduce our carbon footprint year on year and continue to work in line with government targets in protecting our planet.

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